Our showroom has been at our 1027 Post Road East location in Westport, CT for over 35 years and is still going stronger than even.

From here you can pick up your cabinetry, porcelain, tile, countertops and anything in between.

brought to you by experts in design & DevelopmenT

We offer kitchen and bathroom designs with full construction and remodeling services. We carry St. Martin, Bauformat, Saint Martin Teddwood, Gallery custom, Grabrill, Craft Maid and many more.
Moreover, thanks to the new EuroGallery division, we have exclusive access to the excellence of custom made European brands, such as La Cornue, Martini, Boffi, Pittori, Brummel, Salvatori among others.

Our specialty is in having the flexibility to bring whatever vision our customers have to life.
We constantly keep up to date with the ever-changing arc of technology, featuring the latest gadgets and softwares for any new design project. We provide new floor plan designs complete with 3D CAD models and Oculus Viewing so that customers can preview what their new space is going to look and feel like. Customers are also at the forefront of incorporating modern functionality into their houses. We are literally creating Kitchens and Bathrooms of the future as we adapt and move forward. Conversely, having completed so many different styles of projects over the last 40 years, we can bring whatever classical or traditional elements to a design that a client might need.